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& nbsp; & nbsp; by the media attention Beijing Masayuki this study body mechanics v Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., USA Nike unfair competition case, a few days ago by the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court rejected the plaintiff's appeal first instance verdict. plaintiff Beijing Masayuki this study body mechanics at December 26, 2005, said the prosecution to the court, the defendant Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. on its official website (, training website (www and its partner sites on, Nike Air shoes and sports shoes feature elastic column done a lot of publicity, said it makes "run faster", "jump higher" is "High-speed breakthrough accelera cheap jordans for sale mens tor" and "run king," could "quickly recuperate", "relative to enhance athletic performance", with "perfect stability and traction" to provide "excellent protection" for the campaign, it is basketball "best equipment" and "sneakers world, represent the most advanced productive forces." These propaganda contrary to generally accepted scientific principles, nor is there any basis in fact, it belongs to the pseudo-science of false propaganda. The defendant is the actual holder of US Nike Air shoes and elastic column shoe technology and ultimate interpreter, the partial contents from the false propaganda Nike. & nbsp; & nbsp; two co-defendants are jointly users and beneficiaries of the Nike brand and th cheap jordans online e techniques described above, the response involved in acts of false propaganda shared responsibility. The plaintiff to the court, requesting an order the defendants to stop the false propaganda of unfair competition; order the defendants in all false propaganda page with equal space to do correct explanation, to clarify the facts; order the defendants to the plaintiff a written apology. & nbsp; & nbsp; The defendant argued that Nike Suzhou: Suzhou Nike does not exist between the company and the competition between the plaintiff, the plaintiff has no right to sue the company on this. The plaintiff is the only developed its own shoe research units, its sales on the site thin fitness shoes, and other cheap foamposites products are also non-athletic shoes, among Nike sneakers and do not have a competitive relationship. & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike defendant argued that: between Nike does not have a competitive relationship with the plaintiff, on the grounds that the company is operating a variety of Nike sporting goods manufacture and sale, the plaintiff is to study the function of institutional sales of shoes and other products . Nike's products are suitable for groups of athletes and sports enthusiasts, and the plaintiff's consumer products group is a minority in the field of health care. Therefore, both products of non-similar products, there was no competition. & nbsp; & nbsp; January 17, 2006, March 3, the Beijing Cheap air jordans for sale Second Intermediate People's Court hearing the case twice. & nbsp; & nbsp; After the court found that the plaintiff in this study Masayuki business products mainly for the "physical training shoes", but also sales of other similar products, although the functional shoes also can be used as "gym shoes and everyday Living with shoes ", but according to the relevant Web site describes the plaintiffs, its main function is to" physical training function "and" for low back pain, cervical spondylosis rehabilitation function "; and related products Suzhou accused Nike and Nike sneakers and other mainly Sporting Goods. Although the plaintiff and defendant were engaged in the footwear-related business activ Retro jordans for sale ities, but the main function of both aspects of related products for groups, consumer objects, and so there is a big difference. Therefore, as the main market operators of different products, the market does not conflict of interests between the plaintiff and defendant, it does not have a competitive relationship between the plaintiff and the defendants, not the competitors. & nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics YORK, July 7, 2014 at noon, Adidas signing star Jeremy Lin (microblogging) take the flight arrived in Beijing airport, open Adidas "live Summer" China line activities. Enthusiasm of the fans at the airport surging poll, after Jeremy Lin out of the channel a cheap jordans for sale nd the presence of the fans one by one clap hands, and received a gift from the fans. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; good mood, "Lin crazy" with the fans the self-timer photo, calling everyone together, "as crazy, live summer" This Adidas Lin Chinese guilds, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Guangzhou 4! station, please continue to focus the majority of fans (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) !Nike SB Eric Koston recently for the legendary skater who became the first double signature in the Eric Koston version of the shoe cylinder Mid R/R to create a new color design. The design is the use of cheap jordan shoes for men the Huarache type arch tie collocation white mesh uppers, plus white bottom support, while the red Swoosh logo embellishment, and tongue echoes show. At present, the shoes have been specified by Kinetics shop purchased about $$98 pricing. nike-sb-eric-koston-mid-r-r-white-gym-red-black-gum-medium-brown-1.jpg (40.65 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Eric Koston Mid R/R new color 2015-1-18 10:24 upload Nike 00In October, Suzhou City, near the river road 361 flagship store grand opening, Hefei has a flagship store in shock stage. The city of Suzhou has been near the River Road, Mount Holyoke Shi He Lu is a gap in the market, with the new building of Xiaoxian Huaihe road in the first floo Cheap air jordan 12 ovo r 361 stores, Hefei University City Commercial Street on the east side of the 361 store, 361 theclever; image stores, three store grand opening, Hefei 361 also in one fell swoop into the in October, Suzhou city; near the river road 361 flagship store grand opening, Hefei has a flagship store in shock stage. Suzhou City, near the river road has been the history of Mount Holyoke is a road gap in the market, with the new building of Xiaoxian Huaihe road in the first floor 361 stores, Hefei University City Commercial Street on the east side of the 361 store, 361 theclever; image stores, three store grand opening Hefei, 361 also to Retro jordans for sale seize the market in one fell swoop into the Mount Holyoke, Shi He Lu 361 store grand debut. in addition, Hefei also actively enter the mall 361 gold field, Shucheng jinshangdu two floor 361 college hall, Huainan tianjia'an Suguo supermarket 361 College; Hefei University City Hall, 361 hall colorful debut monopoly. At the same time, for the upcoming season, further consolidate the market sales area ranked first in the fruits of Hefei branch of China has bright road 361 Bengbu Zhongshan street Bengbu flagship store, the first floor of the hotel 361 stores, Hefei shangzhidu four floor 361& DEG; Huaibei college hall, Huaihe Road, the new runway Zhaoji shoes 361 College; Department of Huainan ti Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping anjia'an stores, 361 Fuyang department store 361 hall, Fengyang County Board of Education College; opposite 361 comprehensive decoration stores. (editor in chief: admin)September 4th, Wenxian County south Zhang Qiang Zhen government and the United States "shoe king" Jim signed a $30 million shoe project. This is the town of investment of third large customers, south Zhang Qiang footwear has been suffering light. 10 years ago, the Southern Zhang Qiang Zhen sandals is very famous in the Central Plains, low profit sales, courtyard economy rapid development, the products are sold to Zhengzhou, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other more than 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the fast development of 6 professional shoe-making village, drive 15 thousand farmers rely on rich shoemaking. from 1999 to 2003, the rapid decline in Zhang Qiang footwear industry, products piled up, the market has shrunk by 80%. town Party Secretary Zheng Kaile after research found that the Southern Zhang Qiang Zhen shoes defeat for five reasons: one is the courtyard economic constraints, not scale; two is the product of a single, low grade sandals, no brand, no market; three is the specialist of pressing each price, small profits to four is unprofitable; poor sales channels, sales had poor information; five is no capital investment, loans difficult. to find out the reasons, the south Zhang Qiang Zhen to strengthen guidance and guide the work of the footwear industry, break the mode of courtyard economy, encourage the formation of partnerships to build specialist workshops, shoe-making enterprises set up a town; information group, to provide information for the footwear market specialist; formulate preferential policies to encourage the development of new products; increase investment the development of foreign investment. in 2006, the town of a number of mid-range sandals and slippers in the south Zhang Qiangcheng popular, only a quarter sold 30 million pairs, a pair of "boots" sold for 12 yuan, single shoes wholesale 26 yuan, up 10 days before the delivery of goods to customers. at present, the Southern Zhang Qiang Zhen has more than 200 production workshops, 3 shoe-making enterprises, households more than 800 households. (Editor: admin) by the United States worse than expected economic data and the impact on the market performance of prudential measures to rescue the market, the entire week falls 855 points Although Huarun power failed to Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, but the rate of return on equity and capital expenditure plans were compared with the industry. In addition, due to high efficiency power plant group so the unit fuel costs for the industry's lowest level. The target of 16.2 yuan (price 14.2 yuan), stop 12.88 yuan. (Editor: admin)