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Nike LeBron 12 "What The" details tushang 2015-09-02 11:42:11 coming in this weekend on sale this double Nike LeBron 12 "What The", with its "What The" family identity and flamboyant colors, had won everyone's heart, but only in the designer shoes The color in a variety of color into the Nike LeBron 12, will be some of the classic elements of Nike's added to it, such as "Safari" elements and retro Nike logo, so really a lot of details, it's time to buy friends , you can savor some friends to see how many of the classic elements of Nike series, which is also a good talk, oh. & nbsp; as we introduced earlier this year Christmas wars by adidas to create the "Bad Dream" series, which was undoubtedly the flagship shoes adidas D Rose 5 & nbsp; Boost, recently released the shoes of commercial information , the whole body of the shoe with black color, white fine lines sketched out the basic outline as a modifier, outsole rendered in luminous form. The overall feeling does have some chilling, fully in line with "Nightmare" theme, it is learned the shoes will be on sale on December 12, the price of $ 140, interested friends can look at it then.