By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

ISBN-10: 1434458792

ISBN-13: 9781434458797

The identify is reported "2 B R naught 2 B", referencing the well-known word "to be, or to not be" from William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. during this tale, the identify refers back to the mobilephone no 1 dials to agenda an assisted suicide with the Federal Bureau of Termination.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. used to be born on November eleven, 1922 in Indianapolis, Indiana, considered one of 3 young ones. He graduated from Shortridge highschool in 1940, and majored in chemistry at Cornell collage. Kurt enlisted within the U. S. military in the course of international battle II, and was once transferred to the Carnegie Institute of expertise, then the college of Tennessee for mechanical engineering. On Mother’s Day 1944, his mom devoted suicide. despatched into strive against, as a result of a manpower scarcity, Vonnegut was once captured in the course of the conflict of the Bulge and imprisoned in Dresden. He survived the firebombing of Dresden by way of the Allies, through staying in an underground meat locker, nicknamed “Slaughterhouse Five.” He was once freed by means of Russian troops in 1945 and given a pink center. After the struggle, he attended the collage of Chicago within the graduate anthropology application and labored for the town information Bureau. relocating to Schenectady, big apple, he took a role at common electrical, the place his older brother labored, and served as a Volunteer Fire-Fighter. Vonnegut labored in short for “Sports Illustrated,” then on the college of Iowa Writer’s Workshop. It used to be there that he wrote “Cat’s Cradle” and “Slaughterhouse-Five,” that are thought of by way of many to be the very best novels of the 20 th century. After that, he moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and opened one of many first Saab dealerships within the kingdom. It closed inside of a 12 months. Vonnegut married Jane Marie Cox in 1946, yet they separated in 1970 and divorced in 1979. they'd 3 kids. He married Jill Krementz in 1979 and so they followed a daughter. whilst his sister died of melanoma, in addition they followed 3 of her 4 youngsters. Kurt died on April eleven, 2007, on the age of eighty four, in long island urban, after falling down a flight of stairs at his domestic. --This textual content refers to an alternative Paperback edition.

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