By Shin D.-J., Kumar P.V.

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The force F lies in a direction opposite to that of v only if v is parallel to a normal or a planar direction. The porous medium is supposed to be transversely isotropic. Rotations around the axis x3 do not modify the acoustical properties of the layer. The case of transversely isotropic porous media is considered in Chapter 10 in the context of the full Biot theory. If the frame is motionless, the material can be replaced by a transversely isotropic fluid. In the transversely isotropic fluid, the bulk modulus is a scalar quantity.

27) In this equation, the quantities V and h are the mean flow of air per unit area of material and the thickness of the material, respectively. In MKSA units, σ is expressed in N m−4 s. More information about the measurement of flow resistivity can be found in standards ASTM C-522, ISO 9053 (1991), Bies and Hansen (1980), and Stinson and Daigle (1988). It should be pointed out that fibrous materials are generally anisotropic (Attenborough 1971, Burke 1983, Nicolas and Berry 1984, Allard et al. 1987, Tarnow 2005).

Cremer, L. and Muller, A. (1982) Principles and Applications of Room Acoustics. Elsevier Applied Science Publishers, London. E. N. (1970) Acoustical properties of fibrous materials. Applied Acoustics, 3, 105–16. Nicolas, J. L. (1984) Propagation du son et effet de sol. Revue d’Acoustique, 71, 191–200. Tarnow, V. (2005) Dynamic measurement of the elastic constants of glass wool. J. Acoust. Soc. Amer. 118, 3672–3678. 1 Introduction The geometry of the pores in ordinary porous materials is not simple, and a direct calculation of the viscous and thermal interaction between the air and these materials is generally impossible to perform.

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3-Designs from the Z 4-Goethals Codes via a New Kloosterman Sum Identity by Shin D.-J., Kumar P.V.

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