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Conn. 1, page 1543 John D. F. G. List of Authors DRP Consulting, Inc. 2825 Wilderness Place Suite 1000 Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA chapter 6. 2, page 236 Douglas M. 1, page 2089 Axel Salden Institut fiir chemische Verfahrenstechnik Universitat Stuttgart Boblinger StraBe72 70199 Stuttgart Germany chapter 6. I, page 2700 Joe. H. Satcher Jr. O. 8, page 1058 Robert A. 2, page 24 chapter 3, page 533 Constanze Setzer GRACE GmbH & Co. 1, page 1543 Kenneth S. W. K. 3, page 2533 Konstantinos L. 1, page 2281 Theodore A.

Roman mortar contained hydrated lime, which was mixed with sand and volcanic ash (the pozzolanic material). The development of hydraulic cement is generally attributed to Smeaton (1793), who discovered that the lime obtained from limestone containing clay hardened under water. As is well known, Smeaton used the hydraulic lime and a pozzolana in building the second Eddystone lighthouse, off the coast of Cornwall in South West England. 7 Historical Aspects through the hydration of the di- and tri-calcium silicates.

1 2221 2223 Technical Adsorption of Gases 2223 A. Salden and C. 1 Adsorbent Design 2228 Process Modeling 2228 Adsorption Front Movement 2229 Self-sharpening and Dispersive Fronts 2230 Detailed Modeling and Simulation 2231 Trace Gas Separation Processes (Temperature Swing Adsorption) 2231 Fixed-bed Processes 2233 Adsorption Period 2233 Desorption with Direct Heating by Hot Purge Gases 2235 Desorption with Direct Heating by Steam 2239 Desorption with Indirect Heating 2239 Multibed Processes 2241 Rotary Adsorbers 2247 Movingbed Processes 2250 Bulk Gas Separation Processes 2253 Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes 2254 Equilibrium-controlledPressure Swing Adsorption 2255 Pressure Equalization 2257 Multibed Processes 2258 VSA Processes 2260 Pretreatment Beds 2261 PSA Example Processes for Oxygen Production 2261 Temperature Effects 2268 Rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes 2270 PSA with Kinetically Controlled Separation 2272 Suitable Adsorbent Shapes and Adsorbent-bed Structures 2274 Adsorbent Shapes 2274 Adsorbent-bed Structure 2276 References 2279 Membrane Technology 2281 Membrane Science and Applications 2281 K.

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