By Pierre Accoce

Guy referred to as Lucy, A: 1939-1945, by means of Accoce, Pierre and Pierre Quet

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Briga- Masson had been delighted to discover this private network and quickly mobilized Hausamann, leaving him, of course, a considerable amount of autonomy. Moreover, he set Hausa- dier mann up with baum, about his own five miles stafif in the Villa Stutz, at Kastanien- south of Lucerne, on a tip of land that protrudes far into the Lake. This center was christened Bureau Ha. an up-to-date analysis of the If political situation in was required, the Bureau Ha supplied man in it. If Germany observation of Ger- diplomats in Switzerland or protection of Swiss diplomats Germany was needed, the Bureau the Bureau was called in.

Crowd were struck with of military spectators, Roessler's teiTor at the hypnotic street politician's argimients, while power of this around them their colleagues were swiftly seduced by Hitler's reassurances. In that troubled time, most of the soldiers of the Reichswehr lacked both confidence and a sense of purpose. Many were be- ginning to wonder whether this National Socialism, which was regarded as a danger, and which claimed to be capable of suming the destiny the of the nation, German people needed greatness —and to shake off on them by the Treaty of might not after all as- be what to restore their country's former the humiliating shackles imposed Versailles.

A prolonged silence would mean that the Gestapo had arrested everyone. The machine could now be turned on. They had only to await the Fiihrer's decisions to feed into it. Each one would be turned against him and contribute to his ultimate, irrevocable fall. He would thus destroy himself. This simple, meticulous plan could not fail. Of course, its results would not be evident at once; tliere would be no sudden, spectacular reversals. But in time they would do their work. Only one problem remained and it was no minor one.

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