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Tone, in writing, is another word for taste, and taste that swings between extremes is often poor taste. Beware the "trumpeter" effect. Writers who insist on calling frequent attention to themselves eventually become irksome. s I have already made quite clear several times throughout this text. . s I myself was the first to disprove Lazlow's hypothesis, it seems only fair for me now to go on record as saying that I believe .. " "This colorful quarter-note refrain-which yours truly championed years before they'd heard of Miles Davis-remains a classic ....

ORDINARY: BETTER: In the Grand Empire the church was becoming a less important public authority than the state. BETTER: In the Grand Empire the church lost its position as public authority when the State swooped down and usurped its major policy-making functions. ORDINARY : When Hitler learned that Paris had surrendered, he and his generals became overjoyed . BETTER: When Hitler learned that Paris had surrendered, he danced a jaunty jig in front of his ecstatic generals.

Another is attentive: "Is the lace tight enough? Satisfied? " Make yourself likeable by asking the reader questions: "Jack E. " All in all , writers make themselves likeable in the same way we all do: by being friendly, interesting, and genuinely concerned with the welfare of the person we are talking to. " Keep the tone on an even keel from beginning to end. If you start out writing in a formal tone, continue in this way from beginning to end . Don't suddenly lapse into 18 TONE slapstick or become overly familiar in the middle of a factual piece.

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