By Walther G. von Krenner, Damon Apodaca, Ken Jeremiah

ISBN-10: 1583946217

ISBN-13: 9781583946213

Aikido flooring scuffling with presents powerful flooring concepts that stay actual to aikido founder Morehei Ueshiba's teachings whereas addressing a possible weak point within the process: whereas aikido is popular for its submission and compliance recommendations in addition to grappling from a status place, it's not recognized for its effectiveness in terms of floor battling. Aikido flooring Fighting is a distinct examine the roots of aikido ideas (in specific, the kneeling practices of suwari-waza) and the way they may be utilized to protection at the floor. Written through a right away pupil of Morihei Ueshiba in collaboration with different aikido lecturers, this booklet is still steadfastly precise to the founder's teachings whereas proposing leading edge and potent suggestions. Containing never-before-published photos of Ueshiba in addition to step by step pictures truly demonstrating ideas, Aikido flooring Fighting is designed for aikido scholars seeking to turn into extra well-rounded martial artists in addition to practitioners of all martial arts looking powerful self-defense innovations.

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34 UKE U1 Preparatory U2 Mid form U3 Pull back U4 Side view 35 KATA TENSHO KAISHU CHUDAN HIKI UKE U5: PREPARATORY KAISHU (Open hand pulling block to middle area) The left hand is open in Chudan side position. The right open hand is placed below the left elbow with the palm facing downwards. U6: MID FORM The right hand moves in a smooth, circular, outward movement. At the midway point the right hand rotates so that the palm is facing upwards. U7: PULL BACK (Accentuated wrist for hook) As the right hand completes its circular movement, with an inward pulling action the left hand is pulled back to the side of the body.

U18: MID FORM The right hand moves downwards in a circular motion, passing close to the body to perform a right open hand lower block. Meanwhile the left hand passes in a circular motion and an upward direction to perform a left open hand middle block. U19: CROSS HANDS The hands continue in a circular movement until the hands align at chest height, with the right hand uppermost. Cross hands and a double inner hooking block is commenced. U20: PULL BACK Pull back the hands to the side of the body.

This is then applied with a twisting action. As great care and practice is required to prevent self-injury, this technique is not as well used as in previous times. K16: NAOTE (Closing Procedure) At the end of the exercise, the heels are brought together and at the same time the open left hand makes a downward vertical movement as the right hand comes to join it on a horizontal plane. The palm is uppermost and the hands then rotate so that the palms face the body at Gedan level. The hands are then placed at the side of the body and a bow is made.

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