By Richard Ned Lebow

ISBN-10: 0691132895

ISBN-13: 9780691132891

May possibly international warfare i've been prevented if Franz Ferdinand and his spouse hadn't been murdered by means of Serbian nationalists in 1914? What if Ronald Reagan have been killed through Hinckley's bullet? might the chilly conflict have ended because it did? In Forbidden Fruit, Richard Ned Lebow develops protocols for engaging in powerful counterfactual idea experiments and makes use of them to probe the explanations and contingency of transformative foreign advancements like global warfare I and the tip of the chilly conflict. He makes use of experiments, surveys, and a brief tale to discover why policymakers, historians, and diplomacy students are so immune to the contingency and indeterminism inherent in open-ended, nonlinear structures. such a lot controversially, Lebow argues that the adaptation among counterfactual and so-called authentic arguments is deceptive, as either may be evidence-rich and logically persuasive. A must-read for social scientists, Forbidden Fruit additionally examines the binary among truth and fiction and using counterfactuals in fictional works like Philip Roth's The Plot opposed to the US to appreciate advanced causation and its implications for who we're and what we predict makes the social global paintings.

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Modernist writers, among them Joyce, Pound, and Eliot, insisted that no era had a monopoly on experience, understanding, and wisdom and that recovery of the past was essential to human fulfill- Making Sense of the World • 27 ment. 61 Twentieth-century writers, whether or not they engage history, are heirs to this tradition. 62 Historical counterfactuals have the potential to build bridges between history and fiction. They may be used to interrogate and offer critical perspectives on history and social science or their intellectual foundations.

We theorize a sharp divide between “generalizers” who believe that behavior and outcomes display sufficient regularity to be described, even predicted, by principles or laws, and “particularizers” who foreground the role of agency and chance, doubt the efficacy of prediction, and emphasize the idiosyncrasy of individual cases. The conflict between these worldviews is made readily apparent by how participants respond to close-call counterfactual scenarios that use plausible rewrites of the past to move history on to an increasingly divergent path.

Breslauer and I imagine East-West relations without Gorbachev, Reagan, or Bush and by doing so make the case for the determining role of leaders. We identify other leaders that might have come to power and consider the most plausible policies they would have pursued toward one another’s country. This generates a wide range of possible scenarios in the late 1980s that range from intensification of the Cold War to its resolution on terms that might have allowed for the continued existence of the Soviet Union.

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