By Basil L Gildersleeve; Charles William Emil Miller

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20 Towards Union continued in the reigns o f Vytenis (c. 1295-1315) and his brother Gediminas (1315/16-1341/2). What is striking is not so much the extent o f that expansion— which was remarkable enough— but its lasting nature. Initially, the Lithuanians terrorized their neighbours. Between 1200 and 1236 they mounted regular destructive raids: twenty-three against the Curonians and Livonians to their north, fifteen against Ruthenian territories to their south and east, and four into the Polish lands to their west.

Bodz^ta asked whether the community o f the realm wished Siemowit IV to be king. Although this proposal— which may have been merely a demonstration to Elizabeth that she 29 ‘convenit universa multitudo procerum et primacum regni Poloniae in R ad om sko. . , ubi mature de statu suo et Poloniae regni salubriter pertractantes, unanimi voluntate conglobati et mutuo foedere uniti, fide praestita, promiserunt invicem sibi auxiliari fidemque factam et homagium praestitum duabus filiabus: Mariae et Hedvigi Lodvici regis praemortui firmiter tenere et observare Johannes de Czarnkow, Chronicon , 723.

The eldest, Andrei, had ruled Polatsk since 1349; Dmitry was duke of Briansk; Volodymyr, duke o f Vitsebsk, had been granted Kyiv in 1367; while Fedor was duke o f Ratno. The loyalty o f these Orthodox princes to the pagan establishment was open to question now that Muscovy was a growing pole of attraction. Algirdas’s testament raised potential problems for the pagan sons o f his second wife, Juliana. For if Jogaila was bequeathed all o f his father’s extensive patrimony, his pagan brothers— Skirgaila, Lengvenis, Karigaila, Vygantas, Kaributas, and Svitrigaila— received little or nothing.

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