By Michael Glass; et al

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As you can see, the PHP portion of the code has vanished, leaving only the resulting HTML code. Now add the line noted in bold text so you can get a better feel for how your PHP code will be parsed. > Save the revised file and open it in your browser. As you can see, the line runs together without a line break, even though you had your PHP code on two different lines. How It Works When a browser calls a PHP program, it first searches through the entire code line by line to locate all PHP sections (those encased in the appropriate tags) and it then processes them one at a time.

Because HTML also uses double quotes, you can do one of two things to avoid problems: ❑ Use single quotes inside your HTML. ”; ❑ Remember that you still have to follow PHP rules, even though you’re coding in HTML. Sometimes when you begin to code in HTML within your PHP section, you can temporarily forget that you need to follow PHP guidelines and end your sentences with a semicolon, as well as closing all quotes at the end of your echo statements. ❑ Don’t try to cram too much HTML into your PHP sections.

Now open your browser, and type http://localhost. You should see the screen shown in Figure 1-1. Figure 1-1 Installation Configuration of PHP Once PHP has been installed on your computer, you can customize it to fit your needs. Although some of the configuration settings deal with how the information is shown through the browser, a great many of the settings relate to how the server handles errors and how those errors are displayed to you and your users. You will also be able to have some control over how PHP interacts with MySQL.

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