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Serializable interface, so each neural network built with Joone can be saved as a byte stream to be stored in a file system or data base, or be transported to other machines to be used remotely. engine package): the Layer and the Synapse objects. 1 The Layer abstract class The Layer object is the basic element that forms the neural net.  The output pattern is sent to a vector of Synapse objects attached to the layer' s output. Runnable interface) so that it can run independently from other layers in the neural net.

5 The Sanger Synapse The SangerSynapse serves to build unsupervisioned neural networks that apply the PCA (Principal Component Analysis) algorithm. The PCA is a well known and widely used technique that permits to extract the most important components from a signal. The Sanger algorithm, in particular, extracts the components in ordered mode – from the most meaningful to the less one – so permitting to separate the noise from the true signal. This components, by reducing the number of input values without diminishing the useful signal, permits to train the network on a given problem reducing considerably the training time.

It permits to write macros in response to any of the events raised by a neural network, permitting to implement whatever behaviour at run­time without the necessity to write and compile java code. 4. The macros are embedded in the neural network, and therefore they are stored/transported along with the neural network at which belong. This is a powerful mechanism capable to transport and remotely run some kind of ‘custom logic’ to control the run­time behaviour of a neural network. The scripting mechanism contains two types of macros: event­driven and user­driven macros.

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