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Say you have a class PingPongGame that has a method saveScore(). saveScore("Dave", 3); Again, the data between parentheses are called arguments or parameters. These parameters are given to a method for some kind of processing, for example saving data on the disk. The method saveScore() has two arguments –a text string “Dave”, and the number 3. Eclipse will add fun to writing Java programs. Appendix B has some useful tips and tricks that will speed up your Java programming in this excellent IDE.

If you do not create a constructor for the class, Java automatically creates during the compilation time so-called default no-argument constructor. That’s why Java compiler has never complained about such statement as new Fish(), even though the class Fish did not have any constructors. In general, constructors are used to assign initial values to member variables of the class, for example the next version of class Fish has one-argument constructor that just assigns the argument’s value to the instance variable currentDepth for future use.

The values that are being passed to a method are called arguments. As I said before, you can have a program that consists of several classes, but one of them has the method main(). Java class usually have several methods. For example, a class Game can have the methods startGame(), stopGame(), readScore(), and so on. println("Hello World"); Every command or a method call must end with a semicolon ;. The method println()knows how to print data on the system console (command window). Java’s method names are always followed by parentheses.

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